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Long Vowel Recognition

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游戏 教育 교육 관련
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What is a long vowel? A long vowel is vowel that is pronounced the same as the name of the letter. For example, a long “u” would be pronounced “you.” Sometimes a long vowel sound is made using more than one vowel (example: “ee” in bee), combination of vowels and consonants (example: “igh” in high), or by a consonant (“y” in by).

With over 400 words, this game is a great way for your child to learn about long vowels sounds. It will show your child four words and ask them to pick the word with a particular long vowel sound.

They can play in two modes:

Practice Mode - This mode is great for a child just starting to learn about long vowels. It allows them to practice identifying the long vowel sounds in words commonly used in the classroom. If they pick the wrong answer it will help them learn the correct one.

Play Mode - This mode challenges your child by earning points for each correct answer. If they make 3 mistakes they have to start the level over. Complete all 5 levels to win.